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WWDC17: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year when every reporter, blog and Apple enthusiast goes crazy with anticipation, wondering what’ll be on the cards at this year’s WWDC17. Yes! This is when we are introduced to the next phase of Apple’s software journey for the next year as well as the next updates to some products.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference is the equivalent of Christmas in Spring. It will be held this year on Monday June 5th, at 1pm Eastern Time from the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Get your popcorn makers ready because we intend to have our minds blown as Apple tends to do each year.

We know you’ve been scouring the internet trying to whet your appetite with all the rumors and scoops. We’ve listed everything you need to know about the WWDC keynote announcements based on all the most sure-fire sources, little birdies and flies on the wall.

Likely Announcements at WWDC 2017

Monday will see the keynote address by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, where all the secrets we’ve been craving to hear will be exposed a few surprises hopefully. The online rumors usually hit a few details spot on but Apple always manages to keep their best cards close to their chest till Tim hits the stage.

MacBooks and a macOS named “M”

If you’re thinking of picking up a new MacBook, this is one keynote address you should not miss. The rumor mills are churning with expectations of all the MacBook product lines being refreshed. What we expect to see is specification upgrades without any changes to design or features.

Given that intel has newer Core I processors out now, these would fit right into the new MacBooks. Until Tim leaves the stage, hold off on ordering any MacBook laptop as delivery times for most of them have even slipped, further indication of something major in the offing.

macOS almost always gets an honorable mention at WWDC every year. Given that all the new versions have followed the alphabet so far, we expect to see a Malibu, Mohave or Magdalene. Maybe Monica, we seem to have a thing for Massachusetts and have a $10 bet on Marmalade as the next name of choice. Let’s see if Apple thinks like our great minds do. In any case, regardless of the choice of christening, the next version number is macOS 10.13, that we are sure of.

For us here at MacDecals, our factory has been abuzz of late, designers and vinyl decal engineers chomping at the bit to learn of any body modifications to the upcoming MacBook model release. Eager as ever to create the latest templates for fitted skins and decals for MacBook. Doing only what we do best. Creating hand-crafted decals and skins for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iPad & iPhones.

iOS 11: Leaks and Wishes

Okay, first off, a developer’s conference is basically about new software and WWDC has always been the place where the next big step for iOS which runs the iPhone and the iPad is announced. This year, we have iOS 11 as the upcoming update.

Chatter from little birdies and rumormongers point to major advancements to Siri, the iPhone’s invisible helper. We expect Siri to be even more natural than before as we have been hearing a lot about Apple’s advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Apple Pay is also due for upgrades at the payment method seems to have slowed in recent times. Granted, Apple Pay is more popular than most similar platforms but a much-anticipated boost should be on the cards.

Rumor has it that Apple might introduce a centralized communication hub for all emails, SMS messages and even social media notifications related to a contact in one location.

Another rumored feature on our wish-list is Group FaceTime. This is reportedly on the iOS 11 menus and we can’t wait to have get a second opinion of last-minute restaurant choices. This is one feature that Apple should have introduced a while back, heck, everyone else is doing it already. Don’t worry, Monday isn’t too late.

Sleep Tracking via the iPhone or Apple Watch is also being rumored after Apple acquired Beddit, which is a major player in sleep tracking.

Here are some of the features we have on our iOS 11 wish list:

  • Customizable Control Center: We want to change those pesky toggles however we wish, music controls suck being on the second tab. If Apple can open the Control Center for tweaking this year, we’d be happy as a lark.
  • Dark Mode: Great for night reading and weak eyes. This would make it easier to use the iPhone at night and in cinemas without annoying everyone else.
  • Improved Mail app: The stock email app is getting long in the tooth. Please Apple, make the Mail app great again.
  • Siri Speaker

    Chances are Apple finally pull a Google and launch a Siri-powered smart speaker to go head to head with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Most analysts believe this is the time to break ant product in that sphere out of the wild.

    Now, even if Apple does decide to announce one, we are not sure what the approach will be and the spiders have not spun any tales thus far. It’s either a product a la the current industry versions or a typical Apple move if making something premium and elite in the high-end market.

    One thing is for sure though, any Siri Speaker will be carry the Beats branding. You don’t spend $3 billion on Beats Electronics not to show it off any chance you get.

    About Time for watchOS 4

    Along with a shiny new iOS 11, we expect to see an upgrade of the brains behind the Apple Watch to watchOS 4. The rumors are quiet on this front but we expect to see sleep tracking capability added to the activities to the Apple Watch as well as improved app load times and hopefully better battery life.

    We also expect to see more activities added for tracking via the Apple Watch. Think skiing, swimming and loads more. Knowing so little about what to expect means we are open for surprises in this department.

    Final Words

    You can stream the WWDC keynote as from 1pm EST or 10am PST on Monday from the Apple developer website or you can download the WWDC app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.