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Top 10 Customer Service Rules at MacDecals

Serving our customers bring us great joy every day, from one-off individual orders to bulk orders for start-ups, companies and even charitable organizations across the globe. From the beginning, we have always wanted to make a difference in the MacBook decal industry and provide not only the highest quality product but be the best in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

5 Star Customer Service at Macdecals

Let’s face it, what’s the point in doing it at all if not to be the best at it? We’ve come a long way as a result and continue to love and appreciate every one of our customers, small or large. We do our best to make sure everyone is happy and experiences a smooth transaction each and every time.

Yes, sometimes things could get a little crazy but we have our unique ways of handling things like the total pros that we are. We’ve decided to share with you how our team is trained to respond to your issues, complaints and concerns. This is the inside scoop on why our MacDecals customer service team is so awesome. These rules have helped us tremendously in the past and we hope you can take away a few things from them too.

Rule 1: Say No To Saying No

As much as possible, avoid saying no to customers or using negatives. People do not like hearing negative words like no, can’t, won’t, unfortunately. As much as possible, provide solutions not apologies.


Rule 2: Thou Shalt Not Patronize

Stay away from anything that makes the customer feel like you are not being sincere. Words like “sorry” and clichés like “I understand what you’re going through” usually ring the wrong bells with customers. If you can avoid exclamation marks, please do.


Rule 3: Keep It Short And Simple

Respond to emails with as few words as possible. Read your response one more time before clicking send and remove any words you think you can do without. Fewer words mean the message is clear and unambiguous.


Rule 4: When In Doubt, Ask A Colleague For Help

When you are involved in a difficult conversation, ask for advice and second opinions from your more experienced colleagues. Two heads are usually better than one. You could also find that someone else has experienced that situation before.


Rule 5: Stay Away From The SEND Button When Upset

Customers can sometimes be rude, really rude, we get that. You are only human and are allowed to get upset. We get that too. What we don’t get is sending an email when upset. Ask a colleague to respond for you or take a break to calm down instead. Win-Win.


Rule 6: Saved Replies Are Lifesavers

Save your best replies to frequently asked questions. They save you time and allow consistency and easy tracking for effectiveness. A note of warning, don’t get lazy. Try to tweak them to fit the conversation at hand.


Rule 7: Research, Then Reply

Get all the facts about the situation and the customer before you send an response. You reply based on the fact and the picture the customer has painted. Address both the customer and the situation for an effective response.


Rule 8: Use Names

Customers have names too. Address them by it. “Thank you, Dave”. “Hello Dave”, those go a long way in making your responses more effective.


Rule 9: Screenshots Explain Better Than Words

If you need to explain a lengthy, technical process, annotated screenshots help to make it clearer to the customer.


Rule 10: Be a Problem Solver

Your ultimate job is to solve problems. Find solutions using your experience and available information and find the best alternatives for customers within available limitations.


Final Words

At MacDecals, we strive to do right by our you, our valued customer. These rules are by no means all-encompassing. Our customer service team is comprised of some of the best in the business. Through regular training programs and customer service management software, we work hard to always leave you smiling with tailor-made solutions to each customer’s needs. Not to mention, the down right coolest decals for MacBook laptops in the world!


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