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4 Easy Tips To Maintain Your MacBook Laptop

So you just bought a brand new MacBook, amazing, isn’t it? The unboxing experience is beautiful and memorable courtesy of years of hard work from Apple, Inc. You see people talking about your MacBook, posting pictures and videos on social networks but what becomes of it after days, months or even years?

It is bound to get tarnished, surface scratches or even damaged. That “yummy new shiny machine” feeling vanishes into thin air. The fear of this is why MacBook skins and Macbook decals come in handy. They are creative way to embellish and maintain your MacBook and minimize the risk of ruining your beloved workhorse.

So why is taking care of your MacBook laptop important? If you intend on getting second-hand value for it i.e. Sell to upgrade to a newer model, you get much more money with a nice, scratch-free MacBook. However, it does not mean you should handle yours carelessly because you don’t wish to sell. A beautiful, scratch-free MacBook laptop will command higher value when you are ready to sell. We have listed a few tips here to help you keep your MacBook looking good as new even after years of regular usage.


Protect the Outer Casing

MacBook Skins

Shielding your MacBook’s metal case from damage and scuffs is a perfect way to prevent it from looking haggard. You can pick up a MacBook decal sticker that matches your personal style by visiting our online store. We currently have hundreds of unique designs for you to choose from and are always creating fresh new ones based on customer feedback.

One cool thing about our MacBook decal stickers, besides their supreme awesomeness, is that they leave no residue upon removal so you don’t have to worry about cleaning a mess when updating to a new one. If you want to clean the lid to get ready for a new decal sticker, a damp paper towel or soft cloth will do the trick. Need help applying your new Macbook decal sticker, check out our super easy step-by-step guide.

For more protection, you can consider grabbing one of our MacBook Skins from our collection here. These offer you more protection than decal stickers as they cover the entire Macbook lid. Keep in mind, we have many customers that choose to layer their MacBook skin with a decal or decals on top according to your mood and style.


Protect the Screen

iKlear Cleaning Kit for Apple Products

Excluding the obvious — not using dirty fingers on the screen, stabbing it with a pen, mistakenly sitting on your MacBook or pouring liquids on it — the perfect way to keep your screen glossy and in excellent condition is by cleaning it gently every now and then.

This can be done using a light cloth. For tougher or oily stains, use Apple-endorsed iKlear screen cleaning spray. Apply cautiously and adhere to the instructions. Let’s face it, your laptop is useless without your screen intact.


Handle with Care

Handle Your MacBook Laptop With Care

These days, a shocking number of people rough-handle their MacBooks, as though they are made from some steel armor. Your MacBook is not invincible. It is very fragile and delicate and must be treated accordingly. The newer fanciful unibody models are not exempted either.

Be wary of how you put them inside backpacks. Make sure you buy a well-padded backpack that has a dedicated laptop pouch, there are several of these in the marketplace. If you don’t like carrying a backpack, get a thin sleeve. They’re great for travel and are not bulky. They also offer a good amount of protection.


Purchase AppleCare Protection

AppleCare Protection Plan

This is a matter of preference but purchasing AppleCare Protection Plan coverage for your beloved Apple products is a solid move. AppleCare is Apple’s device protection plan, which covers your MacBook against most unforeseen mishaps. That’s not to say you become carefree, no.

You still have to pay a fee for screen replacements and accidental damage, not like it is free of charge. Who do we advise to get AppleCare? Anybody that has a history of damaging laptops or just wants peace of mind. You also save money if you do a lot of repairs within the coverage period.

Let’s face it, your MacBook is expensive and usually contains your precious photos, music, emails and in some cases your important work documents. Therefore, you should always handle it with care.

Think of AppleCare as an insurance policy. Having insurance does not mean you should not drive carefully.

Finally, be smart. There’s no substitute for plain old personal care. With great processing power (and considering the amount of money you spent to buy it) comes great responsibility. Take good care of your MacBook. You’ll be glad you did.

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