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Five Dollar Decals

How to Apply MacBook Decals

You could leave your MacBook just the way you got it from Apple®, but where is the fun in that? Macbook decals don’t cost much and are pretty easy to get, so why not add a personal touch to your laptop? They’ll make your MacBook look better and in some cases they’ve been known to increase your popularity.

Our MacBook decals add beauty and a touch of elegance to your machine, allowing you to choose from different decals based on your style. Because of the wide variety of MacBook decals available, you can get as much customization as your heart desires.

Applying decals to your MacBook can be a confusing task if it is your first go at it, so we took the liberty of outlining these simple instructions to help guide you each step of the way.

applying a macbook decal

Let’s get started…

Prep workspace:
 You will want a clean, flat surface to work on. Be sure your work area is free of dust, dirt, hair or debris, pretty much anything that can get in the way of your decal.

Clean hands: Wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove natural oils, dirt and grease. This helps to prevent leaving smudges on your MacBook cover. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Prep MacBook: Wipe your MacBook clean using a damp paper towel or soft cloth then dry thoroughly. The surface of your MacBook laptop must be clean and free of dirt, oils, dust or debris. This allows your MacBook decal to adhere properly to the surface.

Prep decal: Your MacBook decal arrives nestled snug in its packaging, sandwiched beautifully between a top layer of transfer tape and a sheet of backing paper. Lay your decal on a clean workspace, graphic side face down.

Firmly rub over the back of the decal with the edge of your credit card or squeegee. This reactivates the bond between your MacBook decal and the transfer tape.

Take note, if your decal contains small elements that aren’t adhering to the transfer tape, lay the transfer tape back down & smooth over it once again with your squeegee – give it a good rub this time. After your decal has been completely transferred over, you may discard of the backing paper.

Align and apply: Position the decal over your desired location. This is especially important for decals that need to be applied a specific way, such as our Spot Light decal collection. Be sure not to allow contact until you have it aligned in place. Once aligned, gently apply the decal onto your device. Working from the center out, rub over the decal with your squeegee.

Remove transfer tape: Pulling at an angle, peel away the transfer tape.

Admire your craftsmanship: Your MacBook now has now reached MAX LEVEL personalization! Take a step back, smile and enjoy! You’ve just created some super cool MacBook art.

Removal: Need to change your decal, removing your MacBook decal is super easy! We recommend powering off your MacBook laptop and allow it to cool before starting. Gently peel up a corner and pull it away from your device slowly. Since we use high quality adhesive vinyl, our MacBook decals typically leave very little to no residue behind on removal.

At MacDecals, there is something for everyone to choose from no matter your preferences or interest. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us your design or idea and we will make custom decals just for you!

Got a question about our installation process? Contact support