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Five Dollar Decals

5 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Macbook Laptop

MacBook laptops feature a clean, minimalist design with a matte aluminum finish. With the right tools, this clean finish can be a blank canvass where you can customize the look of your MacBook by adding more color and design. Decorating your laptop with MacBook Decal Stickers and/or skins allows you to express yourself and bring a totally personalized look to your equipment, making it stand out from others on campus or at work. No matter your budget is, you can decorate your MacBook to make it really yours.

You can spot a MacBook from a distance with that signature minimalist, aluminum finish. On its own, it is a really gorgeous piece of machinery but with a few personal touches, it could truly reflect your personality. That is why we bring you 5 cool ways to make your MacBook look just the way you like it, best part is some of them are free! Here goes!

MacBook Decal Stickers

Custom MacBook Decal Stickers come in several shapes, sizes, colors and categories and in most cases fit perfectly onto your MacBook laptop. Available in colorful illustrations, animal prints, urban designs or art reproductions, MacBook Decal Stickers are a quick and removable way to easily personalize your machine. The best part is you can change them frequently based on their low cost and easy removal/application. So creative freedom belongs to YOU!

Do you have a custom idea of your own? Excellent! We allow custom vector graphic submissions directly from our online store. The preferred file format is vector based artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Once submitted, we will create a digital mockup of your design and make recommendations for the best possible fit, especially if you are looking to incorporate the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook. From there our team will prepare a pricing structure for you based on quantity, complexity, color matching, and even custom white label packaging options.

Customize Your Dock Icons

The dock keeps your favorite applications on the left side. Documents, folders, and all windows that are minimized are placed on right hand side. Take a closer look, you will notice a vertical line that serves as a separator for the two sections. You can add all of your most-frequently used apps here for easy access.

To manage and rearrange where icons show on the dock, try dragging it to any other location available in the dock. Finder and Trash are special items, and you will always find them available at the each end of the dock. Need more guidance? Check out this article from iMore for detailed instructions.

Change your Desktop Background

Your desktop background is one of the simplest ways to ensure you always have a fresh look on your MacBook. Pick any background you like depending on your mood, you can even have a slideshow of your favorite pictures changing from time to time.

Your MacBook comes pre-loaded with an amazing collection of stock images for your desktop background. There are also several websites that provide you with quality High Definition images to use for your wallpaper. You can decide to remember your family during the day and be a superhero at night. You can have whatever you like! Need help changing yours? Here are 4 ways to change your desktop background on any Apple Macintosh Computer.

Make Sticker Art

Collect stickers depending on your passion, and stick them on the hood of your laptop as you would your car bumper. Place stickers at the corners to mimic a travel trunk from the early 1900s, or line them up neatly for a more organized look.

Using stickers allows you to add to the look of your MacBook over time as you gather up new stickers. Encourage your friends to help you by finding stickers that remind them of you and the things you do and like. Although these stickers will be more difficult to eliminate than a professional “decal or skin”, they provide a budget-friendly way to customize your MacBook. Alternatively, we offer MacBook decal stickers which you can easily combine with your other stickers for a unique look.

New Options with the Touch Bar

One of the most interesting features of the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. This new section of the keyboard opens several personalization options. The Touch Bar brings you items without you having to search for them. You can easily customize your Touch Bar by adding your favorite apps to it.

You can try these tips to make your MacBook more personalized for you, making for a better all around MacBook experience. Know of other ways to personalize your MacBook that we may have left out? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Cheers!