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I dropped my MacBook… Yikes! Now What?

It is one of the worst sounds I’d ever heard in my life. My MacBook slipped right out my hands. That very second played out like a lifetime in my head. I thought to myself… quick… engage cat-like reflexes… but it was too little, too late. My beautiful, unblemished MacBook hits the floor, landing corner first. My mind raced thinking “oh no… what have you done?!?”

The art of balancing a MacBook in one hand and a Venti Caramel Macchiato in the other is one that I do not advise, take it from me, unless of course you’re related to Spiderman. In this case, I am not related to Spidey and the next thing I knew, I was helplessly crouched down picking up my damaged MacBook from the floor of Starbucks, as everyone in line watched… cringing.

MacBook laptops are very reliable and occasionally, something happens (not always your fault) and you find yourself needing to send your machine to the Emergency Room. Here are a few tips we feel can help if you find yourself in a life-or-death situation where your MacBook laptop decides to take a nosedive onto the floor.

After your MacBook makes impact with the floor (and you recover from the initial shock), gather yourself and then carefully pick it up. Inspect it to see if any external damage has been caused and brush away dirt, fluids or debris. Once all is clear, try opening the lid slowly… gently. If it still opens, check to see if your MacBook is turned ON or OFF. If off, do not turn it on, just try to identify anything that might appear damaged and clean it as best as you can.

Your next step will depend on whether you have an active warranty or AppleCare on your MacBook laptop or not. Check coverage status.

No Warranty Options

If your MacBook warranty has expired, and you opted out of getting AppleCare, my friend, I feel for you. You’re going to pay for all the repairs out of pocket. Your best option is to bring your laptop into the Apple Store or to a Certified Apple Repair Technician such as Simply Mac to get help with the repairs.

If you are tech savvy, you can save yourself a boatload of cash and buy the parts from a reputable dealer like Simply Mac and do it yourself. This is almost always a cheaper option for you. Depending on what is damaged, you will probably be looking at up to $800+ in expenses.

Let’s face it, unless you’re Victor Frankenstein, your MacBook will probably never be the same again. Take some time to weigh the cost of the repairs and possible lifespan after repairs with the cost of buying a new MacBook instead. You’re better off spending an extra $500 plus on the repair cost to get a new MacBook than fixing 9/10 times. Definitely worth considering.

Under Warranty Options

If your lucky stars aligned and you still have your warranty or extended AppleCare coverage, you will be saving yourself a lot of money. Schedule an appointment with a nearby Apple Store and take it in for inspection. The Genius Bar techs will go over the best options either getting it replaced for a much-reduced fee or fixing it. If your MacBook has major hardware failures in critical components, they will usually recommend replacing it. Bottom line is your MacBook will come back to you good as new or in some cases brand new.

Be Prepared for a MacBook Catastrophe

Once your MacBook breaks, there is no unringing that bell. These two pro tips are no-brainers to ensure that when an accident happens, you can soften the hit and will be back up and running in no time.

  • Purchase AppleCare: Yes, we know it costs a pretty penny at up to $350 for some models but think about it. Three years of warranty coverage and free service for most hardware failures including protection from… well, you? Dude, it’s a no-brainer. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Backup Your Data: Apple offers some of the best backup options you can ever have. If you haven’t done it yet, use the Time Machine feature to backup your computer to an external storage device. It is already bundled into OS X so no additional effort is required. External storage devices are so cheap nowadays that you don’t even have a good reason not to have one. There are also plenty of third-party software to backup your computer with such as iCloud and DropBox where you can get up to 1TB (terabyte) of storage data for around $10/month. Just do it.
  • Consider Using Protection: There are many options available to protect your machine from external shock. Screen protectors, MacBook Skins, protective covers, we have a post on some of best ways to maintain and protect your MacBook here. Read up!
  • Having your MacBook break is emotionally draining, worse than when my goldfish died in fifth grade and mummy told me the toilet leads to Goldfish Heaven. Save yourself the headache and put steps in place to ensure your MacBook remains safe and intact!

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    5 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Macbook Laptop

    MacBook laptops feature a clean, minimalist design with a matte aluminum finish. With the right tools, this clean finish can be a blank canvass where you can customize the look of your MacBook by adding more color and design. Decorating your laptop with MacBook Decal Stickers and/or skins allows you to express yourself and bring a totally personalized look to your equipment, making it stand out from others on campus or at work. No matter your budget is, you can decorate your MacBook to make it really yours.

    You can spot a MacBook from a distance with that signature minimalist, aluminum finish. On its own, it is a really gorgeous piece of machinery but with a few personal touches, it could truly reflect your personality. That is why we bring you 5 cool ways to make your MacBook look just the way you like it, best part is some of them are free! Here goes!

    MacBook Decal Stickers

    Custom MacBook Decal Stickers come in several shapes, sizes, colors and categories and in most cases fit perfectly onto your MacBook laptop. Available in colorful illustrations, animal prints, urban designs or art reproductions, MacBook Decal Stickers are a quick and removable way to easily personalize your machine. The best part is you can change them frequently based on their low cost and easy removal/application. So creative freedom belongs to YOU!

    Do you have a custom idea of your own? Excellent! We allow custom vector graphic submissions directly from our online store. The preferred file format is vector based artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Once submitted, we will create a digital mockup of your design and make recommendations for the best possible fit, especially if you are looking to incorporate the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook. From there our team will prepare a pricing structure for you based on quantity, complexity, color matching, and even custom white label packaging options.

    Customize Your Dock Icons

    The dock keeps your favorite applications on the left side. Documents, folders, and all windows that are minimized are placed on right hand side. Take a closer look, you will notice a vertical line that serves as a separator for the two sections. You can add all of your most-frequently used apps here for easy access.

    To manage and rearrange where icons show on the dock, try dragging it to any other location available in the dock. Finder and Trash are special items, and you will always find them available at the each end of the dock. Need more guidance? Check out this article from iMore for detailed instructions.

    Change your Desktop Background

    Your desktop background is one of the simplest ways to ensure you always have a fresh look on your MacBook. Pick any background you like depending on your mood, you can even have a slideshow of your favorite pictures changing from time to time.

    Your MacBook comes pre-loaded with an amazing collection of stock images for your desktop background. There are also several websites that provide you with quality High Definition images to use for your wallpaper. You can decide to remember your family during the day and be a superhero at night. You can have whatever you like! Need help changing yours? Here are 4 ways to change your desktop background on any Apple Macintosh Computer.

    Make Sticker Art

    Collect stickers depending on your passion, and stick them on the hood of your laptop as you would your car bumper. Place stickers at the corners to mimic a travel trunk from the early 1900s, or line them up neatly for a more organized look.

    Using stickers allows you to add to the look of your MacBook over time as you gather up new stickers. Encourage your friends to help you by finding stickers that remind them of you and the things you do and like. Although these stickers will be more difficult to eliminate than a professional “decal or skin”, they provide a budget-friendly way to customize your MacBook. Alternatively, we offer MacBook decal stickers which you can easily combine with your other stickers for a unique look.

    New Options with the Touch Bar

    One of the most interesting features of the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. This new section of the keyboard opens several personalization options. The Touch Bar brings you items without you having to search for them. You can easily customize your Touch Bar by adding your favorite apps to it.

    You can try these tips to make your MacBook more personalized for you, making for a better all around MacBook experience. Know of other ways to personalize your MacBook that we may have left out? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Cheers!


    4 Easy Tips To Maintain Your MacBook Laptop

    So you just bought a brand new MacBook, amazing, isn’t it? The unboxing experience is beautiful and memorable courtesy of years of hard work from Apple, Inc. You see people talking about your MacBook, posting pictures and videos on social networks but what becomes of it after days, months or even years?

    It is bound to get tarnished, surface scratches or even damaged. That “yummy new shiny machine” feeling vanishes into thin air. The fear of this is why MacBook skins and Macbook decals come in handy. They are creative way to embellish and maintain your MacBook and minimize the risk of ruining your beloved workhorse.

    So why is taking care of your MacBook laptop important? If you intend on getting second-hand value for it i.e. Sell to upgrade to a newer model, you get much more money with a nice, scratch-free MacBook. However, it does not mean you should handle yours carelessly because you don’t wish to sell. A beautiful, scratch-free MacBook laptop will command higher value when you are ready to sell. We have listed a few tips here to help you keep your MacBook looking good as new even after years of regular usage.


    Protect the Outer Casing

    MacBook Skins

    Shielding your MacBook’s metal case from damage and scuffs is a perfect way to prevent it from looking haggard. You can pick up a MacBook decal sticker that matches your personal style by visiting our online store. We currently have hundreds of unique designs for you to choose from and are always creating fresh new ones based on customer feedback.

    One cool thing about our MacBook decal stickers, besides their supreme awesomeness, is that they leave no residue upon removal so you don’t have to worry about cleaning a mess when updating to a new one. If you want to clean the lid to get ready for a new decal sticker, a damp paper towel or soft cloth will do the trick. Need help applying your new Macbook decal sticker, check out our super easy step-by-step guide.

    For more protection, you can consider grabbing one of our MacBook Skins from our collection here. These offer you more protection than decal stickers as they cover the entire Macbook lid. Keep in mind, we have many customers that choose to layer their MacBook skin with a decal or decals on top according to your mood and style.


    Protect the Screen

    iKlear Cleaning Kit for Apple Products

    Excluding the obvious — not using dirty fingers on the screen, stabbing it with a pen, mistakenly sitting on your MacBook or pouring liquids on it — the perfect way to keep your screen glossy and in excellent condition is by cleaning it gently every now and then.

    This can be done using a light cloth. For tougher or oily stains, use Apple-endorsed iKlear screen cleaning spray. Apply cautiously and adhere to the instructions. Let’s face it, your laptop is useless without your screen intact.


    Handle with Care

    Handle Your MacBook Laptop With Care

    These days, a shocking number of people rough-handle their MacBooks, as though they are made from some steel armor. Your MacBook is not invincible. It is very fragile and delicate and must be treated accordingly. The newer fanciful unibody models are not exempted either.

    Be wary of how you put them inside backpacks. Make sure you buy a well-padded backpack that has a dedicated laptop pouch, there are several of these in the marketplace. If you don’t like carrying a backpack, get a thin sleeve. They’re great for travel and are not bulky. They also offer a good amount of protection.


    Purchase AppleCare Protection

    AppleCare Protection Plan

    This is a matter of preference but purchasing AppleCare Protection Plan coverage for your beloved Apple products is a solid move. AppleCare is Apple’s device protection plan, which covers your MacBook against most unforeseen mishaps. That’s not to say you become carefree, no.

    You still have to pay a fee for screen replacements and accidental damage, not like it is free of charge. Who do we advise to get AppleCare? Anybody that has a history of damaging laptops or just wants peace of mind. You also save money if you do a lot of repairs within the coverage period.

    Let’s face it, your MacBook is expensive and usually contains your precious photos, music, emails and in some cases your important work documents. Therefore, you should always handle it with care.

    Think of AppleCare as an insurance policy. Having insurance does not mean you should not drive carefully.

    Finally, be smart. There’s no substitute for plain old personal care. With great processing power (and considering the amount of money you spent to buy it) comes great responsibility. Take good care of your MacBook. You’ll be glad you did.

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    How to Apply MacBook Decals

    You could leave your MacBook just the way you got it from Apple®, but where is the fun in that? Macbook decals don’t cost much and are pretty easy to get, so why not add a personal touch to your laptop? They’ll make your MacBook look better and in some cases they’ve been known to increase your popularity.

    Our MacBook decals add beauty and a touch of elegance to your machine, allowing you to choose from different decals based on your style. Because of the wide variety of MacBook decals available, you can get as much customization as your heart desires.

    Applying decals to your MacBook can be a confusing task if it is your first go at it, so we took the liberty of outlining these simple instructions to help guide you each step of the way.

    applying a macbook decal

    Let’s get started…

    Prep workspace:
     You will want a clean, flat surface to work on. Be sure your work area is free of dust, dirt, hair or debris, pretty much anything that can get in the way of your decal.

    Clean hands: Wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove natural oils, dirt and grease. This helps to prevent leaving smudges on your MacBook cover. Dry your hands thoroughly.

    Prep MacBook: Wipe your MacBook clean using a damp paper towel or soft cloth then dry thoroughly. The surface of your MacBook laptop must be clean and free of dirt, oils, dust or debris. This allows your MacBook decal to adhere properly to the surface.

    Prep decal: Your MacBook decal arrives nestled snug in its packaging, sandwiched beautifully between a top layer of transfer tape and a sheet of backing paper. Lay your decal on a clean workspace, graphic side face down.

    Firmly rub over the back of the decal with the edge of your credit card or squeegee. This reactivates the bond between your MacBook decal and the transfer tape.

    Take note, if your decal contains small elements that aren’t adhering to the transfer tape, lay the transfer tape back down & smooth over it once again with your squeegee – give it a good rub this time. After your decal has been completely transferred over, you may discard of the backing paper.

    Align and apply: Position the decal over your desired location. This is especially important for decals that need to be applied a specific way, such as our Spot Light decal collection. Be sure not to allow contact until you have it aligned in place. Once aligned, gently apply the decal onto your device. Working from the center out, rub over the decal with your squeegee.

    Remove transfer tape: Pulling at an angle, peel away the transfer tape.

    Admire your craftsmanship: Your MacBook now has now reached MAX LEVEL personalization! Take a step back, smile and enjoy! You’ve just created some super cool MacBook art.

    Removal: Need to change your decal, removing your MacBook decal is super easy! We recommend powering off your MacBook laptop and allow it to cool before starting. Gently peel up a corner and pull it away from your device slowly. Since we use high quality adhesive vinyl, our MacBook decals typically leave very little to no residue behind on removal.

    At MacDecals, there is something for everyone to choose from no matter your preferences or interest. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us your design or idea and we will make custom decals just for you!

    Got a question about our installation process? Contact support