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Incorporating the Apple Logo with Your MacBook Decal

Looking for creative ways to incorporate a decal onto the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook laptop? Seeing that illuminated Apple logo is one of the coolest things about owning a MacBook. The iconic Apple logo is the calling card of some of the smoothest machines in tech history (or at least we think so). The only thing better than the backlit, half bit apple logo is to put a MacBook Decal Sticker of your own over it. Displaying complete and utter personalization!

Depending on what floats your boat, there are tons of awesome ways to incorporate the Apple logo into a MacBook Decal Sticker design. Literally, you can get one of just a boat… if thats what floats your boat. For people who hate just slapping stickers all over their MacBooks, the Apple logo gives you a focus point that brings a custom designed vinyl decal to life, we think of it as an “interactive canvas”.

Why does it seem like everyone wants to have a MacBook decal sticker on the Apple logo nowadays? Well… read on and we’ll tell ya!

First, our MacBook decal stickers are easy to apply, make great swag and are extremely easy to remove and replace time and time again. Using a single color adhesive vinyl material, which creates a minimalist effect, you can display any design from our collection of MacBook decals that represents your personal style. The lid of your MacBook becomes the perfect canvas to bring your creativity to life. The majority of our decal stickers make use of the Apple logo in creative ways to further enhance the clean look of your MacBook laptop, transforming it into something totally rad and unique.

Secondly, shopping for a MacBook Decal Sticker or Spot Light Decal is as easy as looting a cookie jar. The only catch… the cookie jar is loaded with a wide assortment of cookies since we offer endless design collections, genres and categories for you to choose from. If you can’t find something that tickles your fancy, you are always welcome to design it yourself or submit a custom decal request and we will bring it to life. Easy peasy!

Just because we are ever so kind and don’t want you worrying your head going through our extensive catalog of MacBook Decals, here are some of our top sellers. You’re welcome!

Spot Light MacBook Decals

Our Spot Light decal collection is made specifically for MacBook and covers the backlit Apple logo and illuminate a graphic of your choosing to make a clean, minimalist statement. We’ve got the sports lovers covered with designs like the Football Helmet, Soccer Ball and 8-ball. Don’t see your favorite sport decal? Submit a custom request and we will create it for you in a jiffy!

Look at it this way, won’t it be cool for the guys over at Table 5 to know you are a diehard card-bearing soccer fan without you having to say a word? Yeah, free beer and new buddies to talk about your forgettable last season. You’re welcome once again.

Landmark City MacBook Decal Stickers

We have the most popular cities in America immortalized in our Skyline collection of decals for MacBook. Repping your city has never been so easy. Word! Your custom design can incorporate the glowing Apple logo as the moon, shining down on your city. Neat, isn’t it? Our collection of city skyline MacBook Decal Stickers includes California, Boston City, New York, San Francisco and even all the way to London, we see you Tea lovers! Again, let us know if you don’t see your city and we’ll put our design team and their Wacom tablets to work!

Final Words

I keep wondering who took a bite out of the Apple logo, seems pretty unfair paying full price for an incomplete apple. That’s besides the point. The point is MacBook Decal Stickers can use simple graphics to turn your MacBook lid into a kickass art exhibition that totally reflects your passion. Our online store is there waiting for you.

Custom MacBook Logo Decals for Business

One day I’d like to fly to Mars and battle Emperor Zorg in a fight to the death and rescue a planet full of helpless aliens. At the moment, I’m just not sure I can pull that off, so perhaps I’ll start by adding a little Custom Decal action to my MacBook. Let’s face it; it’ll cut the workload tremendously. All I have to do is visit, click my mouse a couple times and boom, done. Why don’t I get a superhero shirt instead for myself? Well… because I know deep down that I owe it to my MacBook to pamper it, since after all, it’s rooted deeply into my life.

Getting a beautifully crafted Custom MacBook Decal gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and have just about anything you can imagine showcased directly on the cover of your MacBook. All you’ll need to do is submit your vector based artwork file or idea to us here, we’ll then sprinkle pixie dust around and shortly thereafter, a mock-up will arrive to your inbox. Try not to drool over it too long, or go ahead and drool all you’d like but you’re making a mess, seriously, get yourself together!

Once you “green light” the design, our team of Customer Support Ninjas (yeah… ninjas, how else do you think we’d be able to serve so many customers in such little time?) will then prepare a pricing schedule for you based on quantity, size, intricacy, color and/or packaging options. We even offer white label packaging for your order. These make the coolest company swag at any industry Trade show or conference.

A few days pass and along comes you’re friendly delivery man with a package from South Florida. You can’t help but to grin knowing you are about to unbox the coolest company swag ever! Every time you break out your newly decorated MacBook laptop jaws will drop and you may hear sounds like… “Ooooooooo”. So prepare yourself for this in advance.

Have you ever tried getting your employees or co-workers to wear matching company tee’s to work? It’s not an easy task by any means. Custom MacBook Decals are a clever way to turn everyone at the office into a walking billboard! Advertising online and sharing paper leaflets only get you so far these days. But a custom branded MacBook will get noticed everywhere you go from coffee shops and meet-ups to industry trade shows and conferences. Your MacBook lights up, the illuminated design comes alive, and you have yourself a genuine launchpad to preach about your products and services to your newfound admirers.

Custom Decals of your company logo and advertising message will get the job done with 10 times the swag appeal of your ordinary advertising methods. Not to mention at a fraction of the cost. Our Custom MacBook Decals are durable and made from premium quality adhesive vinyl materials that leave NO residue behind if you decide to remove them.

Horray! You’ll finally get everyone at the office looking like a team. (cue: evil villain laugh)

Seriously though, submit your custom request now and let’s get started!

5 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Macbook Laptop

MacBook laptops feature a clean, minimalist design with a matte aluminum finish. With the right tools, this clean finish can be a blank canvass where you can customize the look of your MacBook by adding more color and design. Decorating your laptop with MacBook Decal Stickers and/or skins allows you to express yourself and bring a totally personalized look to your equipment, making it stand out from others on campus or at work. No matter your budget is, you can decorate your MacBook to make it really yours.

You can spot a MacBook from a distance with that signature minimalist, aluminum finish. On its own, it is a really gorgeous piece of machinery but with a few personal touches, it could truly reflect your personality. That is why we bring you 5 cool ways to make your MacBook look just the way you like it, best part is some of them are free! Here goes!

MacBook Decal Stickers

Custom MacBook Decal Stickers come in several shapes, sizes, colors and categories and in most cases fit perfectly onto your MacBook laptop. Available in colorful illustrations, animal prints, urban designs or art reproductions, MacBook Decal Stickers are a quick and removable way to easily personalize your machine. The best part is you can change them frequently based on their low cost and easy removal/application. So creative freedom belongs to YOU!

Do you have a custom idea of your own? Excellent! We allow custom vector graphic submissions directly from our online store. The preferred file format is vector based artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Once submitted, we will create a digital mockup of your design and make recommendations for the best possible fit, especially if you are looking to incorporate the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook. From there our team will prepare a pricing structure for you based on quantity, complexity, color matching, and even custom white label packaging options.

Customize Your Dock Icons

The dock keeps your favorite applications on the left side. Documents, folders, and all windows that are minimized are placed on right hand side. Take a closer look, you will notice a vertical line that serves as a separator for the two sections. You can add all of your most-frequently used apps here for easy access.

To manage and rearrange where icons show on the dock, try dragging it to any other location available in the dock. Finder and Trash are special items, and you will always find them available at the each end of the dock. Need more guidance? Check out this article from iMore for detailed instructions.

Change your Desktop Background

Your desktop background is one of the simplest ways to ensure you always have a fresh look on your MacBook. Pick any background you like depending on your mood, you can even have a slideshow of your favorite pictures changing from time to time.

Your MacBook comes pre-loaded with an amazing collection of stock images for your desktop background. There are also several websites that provide you with quality High Definition images to use for your wallpaper. You can decide to remember your family during the day and be a superhero at night. You can have whatever you like! Need help changing yours? Here are 4 ways to change your desktop background on any Apple Macintosh Computer.

Make Sticker Art

Collect stickers depending on your passion, and stick them on the hood of your laptop as you would your car bumper. Place stickers at the corners to mimic a travel trunk from the early 1900s, or line them up neatly for a more organized look.

Using stickers allows you to add to the look of your MacBook over time as you gather up new stickers. Encourage your friends to help you by finding stickers that remind them of you and the things you do and like. Although these stickers will be more difficult to eliminate than a professional “decal or skin”, they provide a budget-friendly way to customize your MacBook. Alternatively, we offer MacBook decal stickers which you can easily combine with your other stickers for a unique look.

New Options with the Touch Bar

One of the most interesting features of the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. This new section of the keyboard opens several personalization options. The Touch Bar brings you items without you having to search for them. You can easily customize your Touch Bar by adding your favorite apps to it.

You can try these tips to make your MacBook more personalized for you, making for a better all around MacBook experience. Know of other ways to personalize your MacBook that we may have left out? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Cheers!


Custom Decals

Custom DecalsDo you want your company’s Logo made into custom decals to showcase your brand? Do you have a unique phrase, image or brand that you want to make into a decal for your Laptop? Well, now you can.

If you have a corporate brand, unique logo or a special event and would like to see it made into a custom decal, sticker or skin, has everything you need to get it done. Custom decals from include a world of shapes, materials, sizes, color and fonts. We provide custom decals on various color high quality, vinyl.  We are well known for incorporating the Glowing apple into our custom decals and creating awesome, unique designs. Simply got to our custom decals submission page, provide us with as much information as you can and our designers will make your concept a reality.

If you don’t have an idea of what you need contact us directly and we can work together to create a custom concept you will be proud of. has designed, created and delivered custom logo decals for some of the largest companies out there. If you don’t believe us check out our client portfolio. You might recognize some of those famous logos.

Custom laptop stickers

Why settle for the same sticker or decal everyone has. Customize your MacBook with your logo, artwork or text, and!  Pricing for your custom MacBook decal will depend on: size, complexity, time involved in creating it and decal quantity. Whatever you want, we can produce your decal designs quickly. The larger the order the more affordable they will be. We make it easy to create, share and buy a custom decal for any apple device.

Your computer doesn’t need to look like the rest. Custom decals and stickers can be as wide as your imagination. Let bring your custom logo decal needs to life.

If you have a MacBook, but don’t want to create your own, check out our amazing selection of MacBook Decals instead. You will surely find something that fits your style.

DJ Logo Decals and Stickers for MacBook


DJ logo decalsAre you passionate about music? Did you buy your MacBook to produce songs and drop beats? It takes a talented individual to create unique music and entertain others. There may be a lot of music aficionados out there, but only a few are real DJs. In honor of the many DJs around the world we created a collection of DJ decals and stickers. Show the world your particular style with one of our MacBook DJ decal designs.

The decals are available in several color and size options for most apple devices. The DJ logo decals are die cut from premium vinyl. They are easy to apply and will not leave any sticky residue on your device.

Decals for a DJ Laptop

If you want to get your name out there, create a custom decal or sticker that goes on your laptop for everyone to see. Every DJ needs a classy yet subtle way to promote themselves at events, concerts and parties. Most DJs don’t have the time to hang a banner or sign at every gig. There is no better way for people to see your name and logo than a decal. It will surely help get your name out there.

Send us your art or logo and we’ll print you up some stunning decals you can slap on your equipment, record sleeves or gear! At we love DJs and consider them artists. As artist they deserve amazing artwork on their laptops and that’s where we come in.