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Top 10 MacBook Decals Handpicked By Our Customers

Spending twenty minutes trying to pick the perfect shirt to hide that developing story that is your belly can be a tedious process. Most of us get that same feeling trying to order the healthiest tacos off a menu on Taco Tuesday. Does life have to be so complicated? Why can’t things just be easy? By now you should know that MacDecals is the best place to purchase premium MacBook Decal Stickers in different shapes, sizes and colors. What could be a pickle now is choosing the perfect one for your laptop.

We’ve taken the liberty of simplifying the process for you. Below we’ve listed 10 of our coolest decals for MacBook, based on sales and customer reviews! Ready to give you MacBook some swag or want to get one as a gift for someone you know? Before making a decision, check out our Top 10 MacBook Decals, handpicked by our customers…


Roaring Lion Macbook Decal Sticker

#1: Roaring Lion

The ROARING LION is one of our most popular MacBook decal designs. The first-round draft pick of Leo’s around the world, it is a big, bold, and majestic decal design that right away, gives your MacBook attitude. Lions are the king of the jungle, be prepared to have other laptops bow in the presence of yours. Available in all your favorite colors and fits perfectly on all MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air sizes.


Alien Macbook Decal Sticker

#2: Alien

The ALIEN decal comes in peace and fits perfectly over the backlit Apple logo, making the eyes light up when your MacBook is turned on. Perfect for the “believers”, fans of outer space and extraterrestrial life. It also makes a great gift for friends and loved ones who are out of this world.


Juice Box Macbook Decal Sticker

#3: Juice Box

MacBooks are one of the most coveted gadgets out there and our JUICE BOX decal is a subtle reminder of how much juice the MacBook packs. No doubt, the MacBook is one sexy machine and the Juice Box decal adds that creative touch once it is placed over the backlit Apple logo.


LOVE Macbook Decal Sticker

#4: LOVE

Love is something we all cherish and surrounds us on a daily basis. From romantic movies that makes you weep to a mother’s delight at seeing her children after a long day. Love is beautiful and what better way to remind those around you to love each other than a beautifully cut LOVE MacBook decal on top of your laptop.


Vinyl Record Macbook Spot Light Decal Sticker

#5: Vinyl Record Spot Light

Vinyl records were the grandfathers of CD players and harken to a time when good music was savored with malt shakes, drive-ins and moonlit romance. This one is for the old souls and the gramophone gang. Did you know that a colored vinyl record is a collector’s item? Good thing our VINYL RECORD Spot Light decal comes in an array of colors for you to choose from.


Soccer Ball Spot Light Decal for MacBook

#6: Soccer Ball Spot Light

It’s hard to fathom why twenty-two grown men would chase a piece of leather and air for ninety solid minutes. I guess it is also hard to wonder why dogs always chase a Frisbee. Men love soccer and women too. Score BIG with this kick-ass SOCCER BALL decal. Fútbol lovers everywhere will go crazy over it!


Heart Spot Light Decal for MacBook

#7: Heart Spot Light

The HEART Spot Light decal shines through all the darkness, fueled by the light of the Apple logo. This design was simply made with love and deserves its place as the decal on top of your MacBook. It will rebrand your laptop into an illuminated love machine!


Paw Spot Light Decal for MacBook

#8: Paw Spot Light

Dogs have been man’s best friend since the ancient times. Cats have tried clawing their way to the top but just never got that title away from dogs. Given that we spend most of our time working on our MacBooks, is it safe to say that the MacBook is now man’s best friend? You get to decide with the PAW Spot Light decal.


Tree of Life Decal for MacBook

#9: Tree of Life

Trees purify the air we breathe and play a very crucial role in nature. Trees bring life and support life. This decal salutes trees as a symbol of nature and vitality. The TREE OF LIFE MacBook decal is a “best-seller” for a reason and is indicative of the longevity and strength of today’s MacBooks.


Good vs Evil Decal for MacBook

#10: Good Vs. Evil

In every battle, one must pick a side. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Windows is just awful and we know this to be true. The GOOD VS. EVIL decal is the perfect way to remind everyone where you stand in the eternal battle of Mac vs. PC.


Our collection of MacBook decal stickers is by no means limited to the products mentioned in this article. These are simply our way of highlighting the Top 10 MacBook decals based on sales and customer reviews. In hopes to help you on your quest to decorate that aluminum shell. Can’t find the one for you? Submit your idea or vector-based artwork file and our team of creatives will mock up a custom decal just for you.


Do you even share, bro? If so, use the social media buttons below and help us get the word out!


WWDC 2017: The Official Recap

Apple’s WWDC 2017 started yesterday with the customary keynote address by Tim Cook and our crystal ball was spot-on about some of the announcements. Needless to say, it was quite an action-packed event and there were so many new hardware and software announcements to keep up with. Apple finally showed some love to the MacBook and iMac line of hardware, giving significant upgrades to their software lineup.

If you missed out on the WWDC 2017 keynote address, here is an in-depth review of the major announcements.

MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and High Sierra

Apple announced hardware and software improvements to nearly every laptop in the product line. It might be just a bit of a specification upgrade but it’s a lot of juice kicked into the already blazing fast 2016 MacBook and MacBook Pros.

macOS High Sierra

The 2017 MacBooks will all be getting a dose of the latest 7th Generation Intel processor codenamed “Kaby Lake”. The variant of Kaby Lake processors that they would be getting will be packed with a new i7 chip that is clocked between 1.3GHz and 3.6GHz. The new solid state drives (SSDs) included in the new MacBooks will also provide double the speed thanks to the upgrades to the filing system and the introduction of High Sierra (more on that later). They will also support twice the memory of the 2016 versions.

Now if you happened to buy a MacBook Pro especially the model with the shiny new Touch Bar after it was announced last October, we feel for you. This upgrade is a kick in the gut. To add insult to your already grievous injury, the 2017 MacBooks will now start at $1,299 instead of $1,499 and will be packing a new 500-nit Retina display.

Just so you know, when we checked the Apple website this morning, the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2015 version is no longer available for sale on the Apple website, the 15-inch version is still available to fill your full USB port needs. That about covers the hardware announcements.

Apple also decided to take Sierra higher in features and utility and announced, well we kid you not, ”High Sierra”. The name no matter how uninspired it sounds is quite apt because High Sierra is pretty much a significant upgrade to what Sierra already is. In the words of Craig Federighi, Apple SVP, it is about deeper integration of technology and refinement of Sierra.


The major updates available in High Sierra are summarized as follows:


  • Safari will be the “fastest desktop browser” running on High Sierra. The new souped-up Safari will be running a JavaScript engine that is 80% speedier than what Chrome offers at present.

    Safari will also offer new auto-play blocking features. We expect this to reduce the number of awkward NSFW incidences at work places around the world. This is one highly welcomed new feature.

    Intelligent Tracking Prevention will also enable Safari to learn, identify, and block web trackers with that may be obtaining private information.


  • High Sierra will also feature Apple File System that is completely 64-bit, APFS will be the standard for iOS also with Apple now dropping support for 32-bit phones. APFS is touted to bring significant improvements to speed, functionality and responsiveness. High Sierra now supports the new H.256 standard for videos. APFS will also lead to improved security, crash-prevention protocols and easier data backup on macOS.

  • Photos app in High Sierra has been upgraded to include a persistent sidebar to preview pictures. All photo imports will now be displayed in a view that is in order of time imported.

  • Apple also announced two new software development kits, Metal 2 and Metal VR to help developers develop more advanced Assisted Reality applications for the macOS and iOS. This marks the beginning of promising times for consumers in the Apple ecosystem. Steam VR SDK and two of the slickest game development engines, Unreal and Unity are also going to be available on the Mac by Fall. They announced it using a super cool Star Wars VR demo during their keynote. We geeked out over it quite a bit, check it out…
  • If you were thinking of buying a MacBook, we’d like to have a penny for your thoughts. You might have to squeeze out for the updated GPU on the 15-in MacBook Pro if you are heavy on graphic capacity. Compared to the 2016 Skylake-running MacBooks, it is just a small specification upgrade, enough to make a difference in everyday use but nothing major. Overall, it is still a better deal than the 2016 versions so you will be getting more bang for your bucks.

    We aren’t expecting Apple to crank out increased RAM, storage or significant display upgrades to the MacBook line anytime soon but between the Kaby Lake processors and High Sierra, now is a great time to consider shelling out for a new MacBook.

    For the first time in a long while, the iMac also got upgrades; a shiny new display, more blazing processors and top-of-the-line graphic chips. The most interesting part of the iMac announcement was the preview of a new high-performance, “pretty badass” according to Tim Cook, dark grey iMac Pro. This monster is fully loaded with up to 18 processor cores, 27 inches of blindingly bright display suited in a dark grey sleek finish.

    As amazing as the specifications sound, the price is enough to scare those of feeble hearts. We’re talking $4,999 and beyond for this bad boy. It is truly designed and intended for the best of the best Pro users, everyone else can just admire and walk away in tears. This badass deserves a badass Pro user, nothing less.

    Overall, it was a solid performance from Apple and an indication that there are interesting times ahead especially in the space of VR and AR on the macOS. The MacBooks also will not be lacking for power now and they now pack better graphic processors. High Sierra will be available as a beta in the coming weeks while the free update is expected to ship later in the year, usually around Fall.

    iOS 11 Gets New Features

    The next version of Apple’s brains behind the iPhone is going to be packed with many new features that cut across ease of use, financial dexterity and even file storage. Here are some of the best things to look out for in iOS 11:

    iOS 11

  • iMessages will now enjoy better synchronization between all your devices. Log in to a new device and watch your iMessage feeds get updated almost immediately. iMessage will also use less storage space in iOS 11 by archiving old pictures and media sent through iMessages to the cloud.

  • Apple Pay plans to support Person-to-Person money transfer using iMessage, and a new payment card exclusive to Apple Pay called “Apple Pay Cash” card. You can even request or send money right from iMessage and move it to your bank account or use it for other payments. Apple Pay Cash is going to go head-to-head with Venmo which is the industry leader in P2P mobile payments. We foresee interesting times ahead in the mobile payment sphere.

  • Siri can now translate your questions or requests into other languages. Updates to the SiriKit means develops will now be able to integrate Siri to third-party apps, giving it much needed superpowers. Siri will also be a faster learner, “reading” text on your screen to learn new words from there, speak in a more human voice and add different tones to the same word. Too much learning? You might have to slow down on the NSFW webpages you’ve been visiting as this could lead to more interesting autocorrect fails. We look forward to Siri the Scholar eagerly.

  • The Camera app got some much-needed updates to support high-efficiency video coding that will let you take better pictures for less space. Live photos will now become editable. You can select a key photo, edit or loop a Live Photo or even set up long exposure for more awesome Live Photos. Most notable in iOS 11 announcements was the introduction of a new technology for processing images called High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). The far-reaching implication of this is that JPEG is being kicked to the curb in favor of this new format that promises a reduction in file sizes without loss of quality.

  • Control Center finally gets a redesign that supports on 3D Touch. You can now have everything in one pane and get complete editing capabilities. You can also rearrange toggles to make system changes.

  • Apple Maps now comes with a Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature. This is going to save a lot of lives. Your iPhone screen will now be pitch black when driving, this means more drivers will stay focused on the road. Repeat callers will even be discouraged by an auto notification that will tell them you’re driving. Indoor maps will also be introduced to major outdoor centers like shopping malls and airports. Now you’re even more unlikely to miss your flight.

  • AirPlay 2 is the next level from AirPlay and will offer multi-room audio streaming and easier control via Control Center, the Home app and Siri.

  • App Store will see a redesign with a more paned view, Updates, Today, Games and Search all get their own tabs at the bottom of the screen. App developers will also get more features to play with. These include a new phased releases feature that will make planning major updates easier for developers with more space for promo art and better in-app purchases.

    iOS 11 is going to be the most highly anticipated update in recent times due to the number of new features included, most of these features were not even announced during the keynote but early beta testers are seeing these surprises already.

    HomePod or the Siri Speaker (as rumors had it)

    Apple unveiled a Siri-powered music speaker that will be launching in December, the first time the company will be launching a new product category since the Apple Watch in 2014.

    Apple HomePod

    The HomePod is a sleek-looking device, trust Apple to deliver on looks. The HomePod is curiously not being positioned as a voice-controlled Wifi assistant like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. It is not only higher-priced but also being touted for its sound quality and not the Siri power. It seems to be going after high-end speaker makers like Sonos and Bang & Olufsen. This is a typical Apple move, premium products at high price points.

    The HomePod features a high-definition speaker powered by a seven-tweeter system for true surround sound. Add the 40 million plus songs from Apple Music and you have one potentially sweet money maker for Apple. The speaker is going to be controlled by Siri’s AI through six unique microphones and a specially-built A8 chip. We expect that later in the future, there will be more focus on its virtual assistance capabilities. Right now, the HomePod is a $350 personal DJ who knows all the right notes to get you in the mood and we love it already. It will come in two colors; Space Grey and White.

    The Best of the Rest: tvOS, watchOS, and iPad Pro 10.5″

    tvOS got more features and faster app performance. The most newsworthy here is that Amazon and Apple have kissed and made up so AppleTV gains Amazon Prime Video while the Amazon Marketplace will resume selling Apple TVs, pretty much a win-win. More updates are promised later in the year. Not much to see here, moving along.

    Apple tvOS

    watchOS 4 will bring better workout controls, more intuitive notifications and will be better compatible with gym equipment from major manufacturers. You also get more Disney faces and a special Siri face that will continuously update your watch face with details of daily meetings, reminders, news and anything else that may be going on with your day at that time. We expect to see watchOS 4 in the Fall along with more upgrades to the Apple Watch, series 3 maybe? With Apple, expect the unexpected.

    Apple watchOS

    iPad Pro 10.5 inches came to play. It will feature a thinner bezel and a full-sized keyboard for professional users. Expect faster response, a richer display and 64 GB now the lowest storage size. For just $649, you can have one next week.

    New iPad Pro 10.5 inch

    There you have it! Everything from WWDC 2017 without sitting through a 2-hour keynote address. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. What were you most excited about?

    WWDC17: Everything You Need to Know

    It’s that time of the year when every reporter, blog and Apple enthusiast goes crazy with anticipation, wondering what’ll be on the cards at this year’s WWDC17. Yes! This is when we are introduced to the next phase of Apple’s software journey for the next year as well as the next updates to some products.

    Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference is the equivalent of Christmas in Spring. It will be held this year on Monday June 5th, at 1pm Eastern Time from the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Get your popcorn makers ready because we intend to have our minds blown as Apple tends to do each year.

    We know you’ve been scouring the internet trying to whet your appetite with all the rumors and scoops. We’ve listed everything you need to know about the WWDC keynote announcements based on all the most sure-fire sources, little birdies and flies on the wall.

    Likely Announcements at WWDC 2017

    Monday will see the keynote address by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, where all the secrets we’ve been craving to hear will be exposed a few surprises hopefully. The online rumors usually hit a few details spot on but Apple always manages to keep their best cards close to their chest till Tim hits the stage.

    MacBooks and a macOS named “M”

    If you’re thinking of picking up a new MacBook, this is one keynote address you should not miss. The rumor mills are churning with expectations of all the MacBook product lines being refreshed. What we expect to see is specification upgrades without any changes to design or features.

    Given that intel has newer Core I processors out now, these would fit right into the new MacBooks. Until Tim leaves the stage, hold off on ordering any MacBook laptop as delivery times for most of them have even slipped, further indication of something major in the offing.

    macOS almost always gets an honorable mention at WWDC every year. Given that all the new versions have followed the alphabet so far, we expect to see a Malibu, Mohave or Magdalene. Maybe Monica, we seem to have a thing for Massachusetts and have a $10 bet on Marmalade as the next name of choice. Let’s see if Apple thinks like our great minds do. In any case, regardless of the choice of christening, the next version number is macOS 10.13, that we are sure of.

    For us here at MacDecals, our factory has been abuzz of late, designers and vinyl decal engineers chomping at the bit to learn of any body modifications to the upcoming MacBook model release. Eager as ever to create the latest templates for fitted skins and decals for MacBook. Doing only what we do best. Creating hand-crafted decals and skins for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iPad & iPhones.

    iOS 11: Leaks and Wishes

    Okay, first off, a developer’s conference is basically about new software and WWDC has always been the place where the next big step for iOS which runs the iPhone and the iPad is announced. This year, we have iOS 11 as the upcoming update.

    Chatter from little birdies and rumormongers point to major advancements to Siri, the iPhone’s invisible helper. We expect Siri to be even more natural than before as we have been hearing a lot about Apple’s advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    Apple Pay is also due for upgrades at the payment method seems to have slowed in recent times. Granted, Apple Pay is more popular than most similar platforms but a much-anticipated boost should be on the cards.

    Rumor has it that Apple might introduce a centralized communication hub for all emails, SMS messages and even social media notifications related to a contact in one location.

    Another rumored feature on our wish-list is Group FaceTime. This is reportedly on the iOS 11 menus and we can’t wait to have get a second opinion of last-minute restaurant choices. This is one feature that Apple should have introduced a while back, heck, everyone else is doing it already. Don’t worry, Monday isn’t too late.

    Sleep Tracking via the iPhone or Apple Watch is also being rumored after Apple acquired Beddit, which is a major player in sleep tracking.

    Here are some of the features we have on our iOS 11 wish list:

  • Customizable Control Center: We want to change those pesky toggles however we wish, music controls suck being on the second tab. If Apple can open the Control Center for tweaking this year, we’d be happy as a lark.
  • Dark Mode: Great for night reading and weak eyes. This would make it easier to use the iPhone at night and in cinemas without annoying everyone else.
  • Improved Mail app: The stock email app is getting long in the tooth. Please Apple, make the Mail app great again.
  • Siri Speaker

    Chances are Apple finally pull a Google and launch a Siri-powered smart speaker to go head to head with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Most analysts believe this is the time to break ant product in that sphere out of the wild.

    Now, even if Apple does decide to announce one, we are not sure what the approach will be and the spiders have not spun any tales thus far. It’s either a product a la the current industry versions or a typical Apple move if making something premium and elite in the high-end market.

    One thing is for sure though, any Siri Speaker will be carry the Beats branding. You don’t spend $3 billion on Beats Electronics not to show it off any chance you get.

    About Time for watchOS 4

    Along with a shiny new iOS 11, we expect to see an upgrade of the brains behind the Apple Watch to watchOS 4. The rumors are quiet on this front but we expect to see sleep tracking capability added to the activities to the Apple Watch as well as improved app load times and hopefully better battery life.

    We also expect to see more activities added for tracking via the Apple Watch. Think skiing, swimming and loads more. Knowing so little about what to expect means we are open for surprises in this department.

    Final Words

    You can stream the WWDC keynote as from 1pm EST or 10am PST on Monday from the Apple developer website or you can download the WWDC app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

    I dropped my MacBook… Yikes! Now What?

    It is one of the worst sounds I’d ever heard in my life. My MacBook slipped right out my hands. That very second played out like a lifetime in my head. I thought to myself… quick… engage cat-like reflexes… but it was too little, too late. My beautiful, unblemished MacBook hits the floor, landing corner first. My mind raced thinking “oh no… what have you done?!?”

    The art of balancing a MacBook in one hand and a Venti Caramel Macchiato in the other is one that I do not advise, take it from me, unless of course you’re related to Spiderman. In this case, I am not related to Spidey and the next thing I knew, I was helplessly crouched down picking up my damaged MacBook from the floor of Starbucks, as everyone in line watched… cringing.

    MacBook laptops are very reliable and occasionally, something happens (not always your fault) and you find yourself needing to send your machine to the Emergency Room. Here are a few tips we feel can help if you find yourself in a life-or-death situation where your MacBook laptop decides to take a nosedive onto the floor.

    After your MacBook makes impact with the floor (and you recover from the initial shock), gather yourself and then carefully pick it up. Inspect it to see if any external damage has been caused and brush away dirt, fluids or debris. Once all is clear, try opening the lid slowly… gently. If it still opens, check to see if your MacBook is turned ON or OFF. If off, do not turn it on, just try to identify anything that might appear damaged and clean it as best as you can.

    Your next step will depend on whether you have an active warranty or AppleCare on your MacBook laptop or not. Check coverage status.

    No Warranty Options

    If your MacBook warranty has expired, and you opted out of getting AppleCare, my friend, I feel for you. You’re going to pay for all the repairs out of pocket. Your best option is to bring your laptop into the Apple Store or to a Certified Apple Repair Technician such as Simply Mac to get help with the repairs.

    If you are tech savvy, you can save yourself a boatload of cash and buy the parts from a reputable dealer like Simply Mac and do it yourself. This is almost always a cheaper option for you. Depending on what is damaged, you will probably be looking at up to $800+ in expenses.

    Let’s face it, unless you’re Victor Frankenstein, your MacBook will probably never be the same again. Take some time to weigh the cost of the repairs and possible lifespan after repairs with the cost of buying a new MacBook instead. You’re better off spending an extra $500 plus on the repair cost to get a new MacBook than fixing 9/10 times. Definitely worth considering.

    Under Warranty Options

    If your lucky stars aligned and you still have your warranty or extended AppleCare coverage, you will be saving yourself a lot of money. Schedule an appointment with a nearby Apple Store and take it in for inspection. The Genius Bar techs will go over the best options either getting it replaced for a much-reduced fee or fixing it. If your MacBook has major hardware failures in critical components, they will usually recommend replacing it. Bottom line is your MacBook will come back to you good as new or in some cases brand new.

    Be Prepared for a MacBook Catastrophe

    Once your MacBook breaks, there is no unringing that bell. These two pro tips are no-brainers to ensure that when an accident happens, you can soften the hit and will be back up and running in no time.

  • Purchase AppleCare: Yes, we know it costs a pretty penny at up to $350 for some models but think about it. Three years of warranty coverage and free service for most hardware failures including protection from… well, you? Dude, it’s a no-brainer. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Backup Your Data: Apple offers some of the best backup options you can ever have. If you haven’t done it yet, use the Time Machine feature to backup your computer to an external storage device. It is already bundled into OS X so no additional effort is required. External storage devices are so cheap nowadays that you don’t even have a good reason not to have one. There are also plenty of third-party software to backup your computer with such as iCloud and DropBox where you can get up to 1TB (terabyte) of storage data for around $10/month. Just do it.
  • Consider Using Protection: There are many options available to protect your machine from external shock. Screen protectors, MacBook Skins, protective covers, we have a post on some of best ways to maintain and protect your MacBook here. Read up!
  • Having your MacBook break is emotionally draining, worse than when my goldfish died in fifth grade and mummy told me the toilet leads to Goldfish Heaven. Save yourself the headache and put steps in place to ensure your MacBook remains safe and intact!

    Do you even share, bro? Don’t be stingy, spread these words of wisdom with your friends and family by using the buttons below. Over and out!

    Incorporating the Apple Logo with Your MacBook Decal

    Looking for creative ways to incorporate a decal onto the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook laptop? Seeing that illuminated Apple logo is one of the coolest things about owning a MacBook. The iconic Apple logo is the calling card of some of the smoothest machines in tech history (or at least we think so). The only thing better than the backlit, half bit apple logo is to put a MacBook Decal Sticker of your own over it. Displaying complete and utter personalization!

    Depending on what floats your boat, there are tons of awesome ways to incorporate the Apple logo into a MacBook Decal Sticker design. Literally, you can get one of just a boat… if thats what floats your boat. For people who hate just slapping stickers all over their MacBooks, the Apple logo gives you a focus point that brings a custom designed vinyl decal to life, we think of it as an “interactive canvas”.

    Why does it seem like everyone wants to have a MacBook decal sticker on the Apple logo nowadays? Well… read on and we’ll tell ya!

    First, our MacBook decal stickers are easy to apply, make great swag and are extremely easy to remove and replace time and time again. Using a single color adhesive vinyl material, which creates a minimalist effect, you can display any design from our collection of MacBook decals that represents your personal style. The lid of your MacBook becomes the perfect canvas to bring your creativity to life. The majority of our decal stickers make use of the Apple logo in creative ways to further enhance the clean look of your MacBook laptop, transforming it into something totally rad and unique.

    Secondly, shopping for a MacBook Decal Sticker or Spot Light Decal is as easy as looting a cookie jar. The only catch… the cookie jar is loaded with a wide assortment of cookies since we offer endless design collections, genres and categories for you to choose from. If you can’t find something that tickles your fancy, you are always welcome to design it yourself or submit a custom decal request and we will bring it to life. Easy peasy!

    Just because we are ever so kind and don’t want you worrying your head going through our extensive catalog of MacBook Decals, here are some of our top sellers. You’re welcome!

    Spot Light MacBook Decals

    Our Spot Light decal collection is made specifically for MacBook and covers the backlit Apple logo and illuminate a graphic of your choosing to make a clean, minimalist statement. We’ve got the sports lovers covered with designs like the Football Helmet, Soccer Ball and 8-ball. Don’t see your favorite sport decal? Submit a custom request and we will create it for you in a jiffy!

    Look at it this way, won’t it be cool for the guys over at Table 5 to know you are a diehard card-bearing soccer fan without you having to say a word? Yeah, free beer and new buddies to talk about your forgettable last season. You’re welcome once again.

    Landmark City MacBook Decal Stickers

    We have the most popular cities in America immortalized in our Skyline collection of decals for MacBook. Repping your city has never been so easy. Word! Your custom design can incorporate the glowing Apple logo as the moon, shining down on your city. Neat, isn’t it? Our collection of city skyline MacBook Decal Stickers includes California, Boston City, New York, San Francisco and even all the way to London, we see you Tea lovers! Again, let us know if you don’t see your city and we’ll put our design team and their Wacom tablets to work!

    Final Words

    I keep wondering who took a bite out of the Apple logo, seems pretty unfair paying full price for an incomplete apple. That’s besides the point. The point is MacBook Decal Stickers can use simple graphics to turn your MacBook lid into a kickass art exhibition that totally reflects your passion. Our online store is there waiting for you.

    Custom MacBook Logo Decals for Business

    One day I’d like to fly to Mars and battle Emperor Zorg in a fight to the death and rescue a planet full of helpless aliens. At the moment, I’m just not sure I can pull that off, so perhaps I’ll start by adding a little Custom Decal action to my MacBook. Let’s face it; it’ll cut the workload tremendously. All I have to do is visit, click my mouse a couple times and boom, done. Why don’t I get a superhero shirt instead for myself? Well… because I know deep down that I owe it to my MacBook to pamper it, since after all, it’s rooted deeply into my life.

    Getting a beautifully crafted Custom MacBook Decal gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and have just about anything you can imagine showcased directly on the cover of your MacBook. All you’ll need to do is submit your vector based artwork file or idea to us here, we’ll then sprinkle pixie dust around and shortly thereafter, a mock-up will arrive to your inbox. Try not to drool over it too long, or go ahead and drool all you’d like but you’re making a mess, seriously, get yourself together!

    Once you “green light” the design, our team of Customer Support Ninjas (yeah… ninjas, how else do you think we’d be able to serve so many customers in such little time?) will then prepare a pricing schedule for you based on quantity, size, intricacy, color and/or packaging options. We even offer white label packaging for your order. These make the coolest company swag at any industry Trade show or conference.

    A few days pass and along comes you’re friendly delivery man with a package from South Florida. You can’t help but to grin knowing you are about to unbox the coolest company swag ever! Every time you break out your newly decorated MacBook laptop jaws will drop and you may hear sounds like… “Ooooooooo”. So prepare yourself for this in advance.

    Have you ever tried getting your employees or co-workers to wear matching company tee’s to work? It’s not an easy task by any means. Custom MacBook Decals are a clever way to turn everyone at the office into a walking billboard! Advertising online and sharing paper leaflets only get you so far these days. But a custom branded MacBook will get noticed everywhere you go from coffee shops and meet-ups to industry trade shows and conferences. Your MacBook lights up, the illuminated design comes alive, and you have yourself a genuine launchpad to preach about your products and services to your newfound admirers.

    Custom Decals of your company logo and advertising message will get the job done with 10 times the swag appeal of your ordinary advertising methods. Not to mention at a fraction of the cost. Our Custom MacBook Decals are durable and made from premium quality adhesive vinyl materials that leave NO residue behind if you decide to remove them.

    Horray! You’ll finally get everyone at the office looking like a team. (cue: evil villain laugh)

    Seriously though, submit your custom request now and let’s get started!

    Top 10 Customer Service Rules at MacDecals

    Serving our customers bring us great joy every day, from one-off individual orders to bulk orders for start-ups, companies and even charitable organizations across the globe. From the beginning, we have always wanted to make a difference in the MacBook decal industry and provide not only the highest quality product but be the best in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

    5 Star Customer Service at Macdecals

    Let’s face it, what’s the point in doing it at all if not to be the best at it? We’ve come a long way as a result and continue to love and appreciate every one of our customers, small or large. We do our best to make sure everyone is happy and experiences a smooth transaction each and every time.

    Yes, sometimes things could get a little crazy but we have our unique ways of handling things like the total pros that we are. We’ve decided to share with you how our team is trained to respond to your issues, complaints and concerns. This is the inside scoop on why our MacDecals customer service team is so awesome. These rules have helped us tremendously in the past and we hope you can take away a few things from them too.

    Rule 1: Say No To Saying No

    As much as possible, avoid saying no to customers or using negatives. People do not like hearing negative words like no, can’t, won’t, unfortunately. As much as possible, provide solutions not apologies.


    Rule 2: Thou Shalt Not Patronize

    Stay away from anything that makes the customer feel like you are not being sincere. Words like “sorry” and clichés like “I understand what you’re going through” usually ring the wrong bells with customers. If you can avoid exclamation marks, please do.


    Rule 3: Keep It Short And Simple

    Respond to emails with as few words as possible. Read your response one more time before clicking send and remove any words you think you can do without. Fewer words mean the message is clear and unambiguous.


    Rule 4: When In Doubt, Ask A Colleague For Help

    When you are involved in a difficult conversation, ask for advice and second opinions from your more experienced colleagues. Two heads are usually better than one. You could also find that someone else has experienced that situation before.


    Rule 5: Stay Away From The SEND Button When Upset

    Customers can sometimes be rude, really rude, we get that. You are only human and are allowed to get upset. We get that too. What we don’t get is sending an email when upset. Ask a colleague to respond for you or take a break to calm down instead. Win-Win.


    Rule 6: Saved Replies Are Lifesavers

    Save your best replies to frequently asked questions. They save you time and allow consistency and easy tracking for effectiveness. A note of warning, don’t get lazy. Try to tweak them to fit the conversation at hand.


    Rule 7: Research, Then Reply

    Get all the facts about the situation and the customer before you send an response. You reply based on the fact and the picture the customer has painted. Address both the customer and the situation for an effective response.


    Rule 8: Use Names

    Customers have names too. Address them by it. “Thank you, Dave”. “Hello Dave”, those go a long way in making your responses more effective.


    Rule 9: Screenshots Explain Better Than Words

    If you need to explain a lengthy, technical process, annotated screenshots help to make it clearer to the customer.


    Rule 10: Be a Problem Solver

    Your ultimate job is to solve problems. Find solutions using your experience and available information and find the best alternatives for customers within available limitations.


    Final Words

    At MacDecals, we strive to do right by our you, our valued customer. These rules are by no means all-encompassing. Our customer service team is comprised of some of the best in the business. Through regular training programs and customer service management software, we work hard to always leave you smiling with tailor-made solutions to each customer’s needs. Not to mention, the down right coolest decals for MacBook laptops in the world!


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    5 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Macbook Laptop

    MacBook laptops feature a clean, minimalist design with a matte aluminum finish. With the right tools, this clean finish can be a blank canvass where you can customize the look of your MacBook by adding more color and design. Decorating your laptop with MacBook Decal Stickers and/or skins allows you to express yourself and bring a totally personalized look to your equipment, making it stand out from others on campus or at work. No matter your budget is, you can decorate your MacBook to make it really yours.

    You can spot a MacBook from a distance with that signature minimalist, aluminum finish. On its own, it is a really gorgeous piece of machinery but with a few personal touches, it could truly reflect your personality. That is why we bring you 5 cool ways to make your MacBook look just the way you like it, best part is some of them are free! Here goes!

    MacBook Decal Stickers

    Custom MacBook Decal Stickers come in several shapes, sizes, colors and categories and in most cases fit perfectly onto your MacBook laptop. Available in colorful illustrations, animal prints, urban designs or art reproductions, MacBook Decal Stickers are a quick and removable way to easily personalize your machine. The best part is you can change them frequently based on their low cost and easy removal/application. So creative freedom belongs to YOU!

    Do you have a custom idea of your own? Excellent! We allow custom vector graphic submissions directly from our online store. The preferred file format is vector based artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Once submitted, we will create a digital mockup of your design and make recommendations for the best possible fit, especially if you are looking to incorporate the backlit Apple logo of your MacBook. From there our team will prepare a pricing structure for you based on quantity, complexity, color matching, and even custom white label packaging options.

    Customize Your Dock Icons

    The dock keeps your favorite applications on the left side. Documents, folders, and all windows that are minimized are placed on right hand side. Take a closer look, you will notice a vertical line that serves as a separator for the two sections. You can add all of your most-frequently used apps here for easy access.

    To manage and rearrange where icons show on the dock, try dragging it to any other location available in the dock. Finder and Trash are special items, and you will always find them available at the each end of the dock. Need more guidance? Check out this article from iMore for detailed instructions.

    Change your Desktop Background

    Your desktop background is one of the simplest ways to ensure you always have a fresh look on your MacBook. Pick any background you like depending on your mood, you can even have a slideshow of your favorite pictures changing from time to time.

    Your MacBook comes pre-loaded with an amazing collection of stock images for your desktop background. There are also several websites that provide you with quality High Definition images to use for your wallpaper. You can decide to remember your family during the day and be a superhero at night. You can have whatever you like! Need help changing yours? Here are 4 ways to change your desktop background on any Apple Macintosh Computer.

    Make Sticker Art

    Collect stickers depending on your passion, and stick them on the hood of your laptop as you would your car bumper. Place stickers at the corners to mimic a travel trunk from the early 1900s, or line them up neatly for a more organized look.

    Using stickers allows you to add to the look of your MacBook over time as you gather up new stickers. Encourage your friends to help you by finding stickers that remind them of you and the things you do and like. Although these stickers will be more difficult to eliminate than a professional “decal or skin”, they provide a budget-friendly way to customize your MacBook. Alternatively, we offer MacBook decal stickers which you can easily combine with your other stickers for a unique look.

    New Options with the Touch Bar

    One of the most interesting features of the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. This new section of the keyboard opens several personalization options. The Touch Bar brings you items without you having to search for them. You can easily customize your Touch Bar by adding your favorite apps to it.

    You can try these tips to make your MacBook more personalized for you, making for a better all around MacBook experience. Know of other ways to personalize your MacBook that we may have left out? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Cheers!


    4 Easy Tips To Maintain Your MacBook Laptop

    So you just bought a brand new MacBook, amazing, isn’t it? The unboxing experience is beautiful and memorable courtesy of years of hard work from Apple, Inc. You see people talking about your MacBook, posting pictures and videos on social networks but what becomes of it after days, months or even years?

    It is bound to get tarnished, surface scratches or even damaged. That “yummy new shiny machine” feeling vanishes into thin air. The fear of this is why MacBook skins and Macbook decals come in handy. They are creative way to embellish and maintain your MacBook and minimize the risk of ruining your beloved workhorse.

    So why is taking care of your MacBook laptop important? If you intend on getting second-hand value for it i.e. Sell to upgrade to a newer model, you get much more money with a nice, scratch-free MacBook. However, it does not mean you should handle yours carelessly because you don’t wish to sell. A beautiful, scratch-free MacBook laptop will command higher value when you are ready to sell. We have listed a few tips here to help you keep your MacBook looking good as new even after years of regular usage.


    Protect the Outer Casing

    MacBook Skins

    Shielding your MacBook’s metal case from damage and scuffs is a perfect way to prevent it from looking haggard. You can pick up a MacBook decal sticker that matches your personal style by visiting our online store. We currently have hundreds of unique designs for you to choose from and are always creating fresh new ones based on customer feedback.

    One cool thing about our MacBook decal stickers, besides their supreme awesomeness, is that they leave no residue upon removal so you don’t have to worry about cleaning a mess when updating to a new one. If you want to clean the lid to get ready for a new decal sticker, a damp paper towel or soft cloth will do the trick. Need help applying your new Macbook decal sticker, check out our super easy step-by-step guide.

    For more protection, you can consider grabbing one of our MacBook Skins from our collection here. These offer you more protection than decal stickers as they cover the entire Macbook lid. Keep in mind, we have many customers that choose to layer their MacBook skin with a decal or decals on top according to your mood and style.


    Protect the Screen

    iKlear Cleaning Kit for Apple Products

    Excluding the obvious — not using dirty fingers on the screen, stabbing it with a pen, mistakenly sitting on your MacBook or pouring liquids on it — the perfect way to keep your screen glossy and in excellent condition is by cleaning it gently every now and then.

    This can be done using a light cloth. For tougher or oily stains, use Apple-endorsed iKlear screen cleaning spray. Apply cautiously and adhere to the instructions. Let’s face it, your laptop is useless without your screen intact.


    Handle with Care

    Handle Your MacBook Laptop With Care

    These days, a shocking number of people rough-handle their MacBooks, as though they are made from some steel armor. Your MacBook is not invincible. It is very fragile and delicate and must be treated accordingly. The newer fanciful unibody models are not exempted either.

    Be wary of how you put them inside backpacks. Make sure you buy a well-padded backpack that has a dedicated laptop pouch, there are several of these in the marketplace. If you don’t like carrying a backpack, get a thin sleeve. They’re great for travel and are not bulky. They also offer a good amount of protection.


    Purchase AppleCare Protection

    AppleCare Protection Plan

    This is a matter of preference but purchasing AppleCare Protection Plan coverage for your beloved Apple products is a solid move. AppleCare is Apple’s device protection plan, which covers your MacBook against most unforeseen mishaps. That’s not to say you become carefree, no.

    You still have to pay a fee for screen replacements and accidental damage, not like it is free of charge. Who do we advise to get AppleCare? Anybody that has a history of damaging laptops or just wants peace of mind. You also save money if you do a lot of repairs within the coverage period.

    Let’s face it, your MacBook is expensive and usually contains your precious photos, music, emails and in some cases your important work documents. Therefore, you should always handle it with care.

    Think of AppleCare as an insurance policy. Having insurance does not mean you should not drive carefully.

    Finally, be smart. There’s no substitute for plain old personal care. With great processing power (and considering the amount of money you spent to buy it) comes great responsibility. Take good care of your MacBook. You’ll be glad you did.

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    How to Apply MacBook Decals

    You could leave your MacBook just the way you got it from Apple®, but where is the fun in that? Macbook decals don’t cost much and are pretty easy to get, so why not add a personal touch to your laptop? They’ll make your MacBook look better and in some cases they’ve been known to increase your popularity.

    Our MacBook decals add beauty and a touch of elegance to your machine, allowing you to choose from different decals based on your style. Because of the wide variety of MacBook decals available, you can get as much customization as your heart desires.

    Applying decals to your MacBook can be a confusing task if it is your first go at it, so we took the liberty of outlining these simple instructions to help guide you each step of the way.

    applying a macbook decal

    Let’s get started…

    Prep workspace:
     You will want a clean, flat surface to work on. Be sure your work area is free of dust, dirt, hair or debris, pretty much anything that can get in the way of your decal.

    Clean hands: Wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove natural oils, dirt and grease. This helps to prevent leaving smudges on your MacBook cover. Dry your hands thoroughly.

    Prep MacBook: Wipe your MacBook clean using a damp paper towel or soft cloth then dry thoroughly. The surface of your MacBook laptop must be clean and free of dirt, oils, dust or debris. This allows your MacBook decal to adhere properly to the surface.

    Prep decal: Your MacBook decal arrives nestled snug in its packaging, sandwiched beautifully between a top layer of transfer tape and a sheet of backing paper. Lay your decal on a clean workspace, graphic side face down.

    Firmly rub over the back of the decal with the edge of your credit card or squeegee. This reactivates the bond between your MacBook decal and the transfer tape.

    Take note, if your decal contains small elements that aren’t adhering to the transfer tape, lay the transfer tape back down & smooth over it once again with your squeegee – give it a good rub this time. After your decal has been completely transferred over, you may discard of the backing paper.

    Align and apply: Position the decal over your desired location. This is especially important for decals that need to be applied a specific way, such as our Spot Light decal collection. Be sure not to allow contact until you have it aligned in place. Once aligned, gently apply the decal onto your device. Working from the center out, rub over the decal with your squeegee.

    Remove transfer tape: Pulling at an angle, peel away the transfer tape.

    Admire your craftsmanship: Your MacBook now has now reached MAX LEVEL personalization! Take a step back, smile and enjoy! You’ve just created some super cool MacBook art.

    Removal: Need to change your decal, removing your MacBook decal is super easy! We recommend powering off your MacBook laptop and allow it to cool before starting. Gently peel up a corner and pull it away from your device slowly. Since we use high quality adhesive vinyl, our MacBook decals typically leave very little to no residue behind on removal.

    At MacDecals, there is something for everyone to choose from no matter your preferences or interest. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us your design or idea and we will make custom decals just for you!

    Got a question about our installation process? Contact support